Problem with paper base appraisal

Paper-Based Systems
Appraisal Forms are handed to (if hard copy) or sent to employees by email, or they may use existing copies they have “filed” somewhere.
PROBLEM: Different versions of Appraisal Forms for the same Job Title may be “out there” among managers and staff in the organization.
Job Descriptions are done in MS Word or similar format.
PROBLEM: Also here, different versions for the same Job Title may be “out there”.
Monitoring the status of appraisal completion is done by contacting managers and asking them how far they have progressed with it.
PROBLEM: Time-consuming and inaccurate.
Performance record notes are kept (if at all) in some electronic (typically MS Word) or handwritten format.
PROBLEM: Such notes may get easily lost, plus are difficult to sort through when used during appraisal interviews.
Appraisal Forms are completed in writing, or using e.g. MS Word or Excel formats.
PROBLEM: These need to be gathered by HR from all managers, and then added to employee personal files – by hand or electronically – which are both extremely time-consuming, plus some forms may get lost in the process. Also time-consuming to retrieve again if necessary.
Performance ratings and feedback from other managers an employee has worked with are gathered on separate, paper-based appraisal forms.
PROBLEM: This is a logistical nightmare, plus averages have to be calculated by hand or by using a spreadsheet.
To view the contents of employee Appraisal Forms, Managers and HR have to first find the file/s where they were stored.
PROBLEM: Very time-consuming. Files (if hard copy) may even be kept at not-so-easily-accessible physical locations.
Employee performance percentages and/or rating averages need to be calculated by hand, or ratings need to be added into a spreadsheet for calculations.
PROBLEM: Potential data input and calculation errors, not to mention the amount of time to do all of this. Where are these filed?
Staff performance data inputs and comparisons need to be made by using tools such as spreadsheets.
PROBLEM: The amount of time inputting these data; possible errors with inputting; limited capability to do different reports on a spreadsheet.