Ad Hoc Appraisal

The Appraisal Smart System does not limit you to ‘regular’ Performance Reviews only, but allows you to create any number of additional AD-HOC Performance Appraisals as well, such as for Probation, Promotions, Succession, and Performance Improvement.

You may want to do ad hoc appraisals for your employee for certain events just to structure the agreement between the manager and the employee into the system for future reviews. It is a creative way to get a quick feedback and agreement with your employees on what is to perform for their job and strengthen the working Goals of your organizations.

You can do as many ad hoc appraisals as you wish to during the entire performance period in regardless of your regular performance appraisals. You don’t have to wait for mid year or End year before doing a review with your direct report. If you find your employee is performing below expectations or they are performing above expectation which you want to promote them but with supporting views from various other parties, is good to do an ad hoc appraisals.

Example, run a multi rater 360 feedback on your employee at the peer level, run at manager level and compare the various opinion and feedback before taking any actions. It will be fairer to the employee and it is absolutely at no additional cost.


  • Fair evaluation all rounded
  • Second opinion
  • no additional cost
  • anytime during the year
  • unlimited times
  • all tracks are documented in the system
  • enforce the employees commitment towards company goals
  • enable underperform employees to be retrain to generate higher output