Smart 360 Feedback Package

If you are looking to do a 360 Feedback for your employee development this year end, look no further. We are providing you a full web base Online Package for you to run any of these feedback.

  1. Employee Self Insight
  2. Employee Development
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Learning Needs Analysis
  5. Team Building and Development
  6. Training Assessment
  7. Career Development
  8. Succession Planning
  9. Customer Feedback
  10. Organizational Change

Our system is unique designed for you to capture feedback from different Target Group with different questionnaires but gives you a consolidated report for that appraisees.


Our package includes standard competencies libraries with 80+ competencies behavior. You can add your own competencies and measurements. This package also includes training of the administrator to setup the questionnaires and automate the distribution of email invitation.

There is no hidden cost and additional cost. Just buy the total numbers of 360 Target license you need and use it anytime you need. There is no expiry date for your license. You can buy say 100 license and use up 30 license. the remaining license has no expiry. You can use it anytime when the needs arise. Only pay one time for the license and the yearly Standard Hosting Fee.

This is the most affordable package in the market and for more information please drop us an email