Introduction Appraisal Smart

Performance Appraisal System

Appraisal Smart is by Appraisal Smart Pty Ltda leading web-based Employee Performance  System “Appraisal Smart”.  

Appraisal Smart is a standalone solution HOSTED on Tier III Data Center, located in Melbourne CBD. Hosting Information.

KPI, KRA, Competencies, Goals

Appraisal Smart measures Goals, Objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Competencies, and Values. You can run by month, quarterly or half yearly depending on the nature of your work. Archive of ACTUAL versus REQUIRED performance expectations. The system is rich in features and base on more than 10 years of expert experience integrated into the solution.

More to the standard appraisal, you can do Ad Hoc Appraisal which does not affect your year end appraisal results or score but more to monitor and establish clear Objective and Goals between your direct report and manager. You can create unlimited numbers of ad hoc appraisal. For more info click on Appraisal Smart Performance Appraisal page.

Smart 360 Degree Feedback – Why is Smart 360  smart?

Do a google search and you can get a lists of 360 feedback solution offering you all types features to create generic questionnaires and getting feedbacks. In Leadership development is important for us to get feedback but we cannot ask a same sets of questions about someone to different level of intellectual individuals.

CEO see a leader differently from how a manager see a manager’s leadership, it goes on to a direct report and customer or dealers.

Thus, how can you get feedback using the same form to all different individuals. We have the perfect solution for you where you can target different groups with different questionnaires but still get the Score (Tabular) and Comments (Narrative) feedback back to the same measure of behaviours. For more info click on SMART 360 Degree Feedback page.