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Why is SMART 360 special?

First of all when you do 360 getting feedback from various different group. Usually how many forms do you use? 1 form is the typical answer and way.

My question to you is, how can you get feedback from different level of people asking the same question?

Does the meaning of Leadership sounds the same to a CEO comparing to a Direct report.

Different group of people will look at your 360 appraisee in different angel thus you cannot have a Generic questionnaires.

Even internal feedback from your organization and external feedback from your supplier or customers are different.

That’s the reason why our Smart 360 is so unique. ask us more questions and we will be happy to answer you.

Problem with paper base appraisal

Paper-Based Systems
Appraisal Forms are handed to (if hard copy) or sent to employees by email, or they may use existing copies they have “filed” somewhere.
PROBLEM: Different versions of Appraisal Forms for the same Job Title may be “out there” among managers and staff in the organization.
Job Descriptions are done in MS Word or similar format.
PROBLEM: Also here, different versions for the same Job Title may be “out there”.
Monitoring the status of appraisal completion is done by contacting managers and asking them how far they have progressed with it.
PROBLEM: Time-consuming and inaccurate.
Performance record notes are kept (if at all) in some electronic (typically MS Word) or handwritten format.
PROBLEM: Such notes may get easily lost, plus are difficult to sort through when used during appraisal interviews.
Appraisal Forms are completed in writing, or using e.g. MS Word or Excel formats.
PROBLEM: These need to be gathered by HR from all managers, and then added to employee personal files – by hand or electronically – which are both extremely time-consuming, plus some forms may get lost in the process. Also time-consuming to retrieve again if necessary.
Performance ratings and feedback from other managers an employee has worked with are gathered on separate, paper-based appraisal forms.
PROBLEM: This is a logistical nightmare, plus averages have to be calculated by hand or by using a spreadsheet.
To view the contents of employee Appraisal Forms, Managers and HR have to first find the file/s where they were stored.
PROBLEM: Very time-consuming. Files (if hard copy) may even be kept at not-so-easily-accessible physical locations.
Employee performance percentages and/or rating averages need to be calculated by hand, or ratings need to be added into a spreadsheet for calculations.
PROBLEM: Potential data input and calculation errors, not to mention the amount of time to do all of this. Where are these filed?
Staff performance data inputs and comparisons need to be made by using tools such as spreadsheets.
PROBLEM: The amount of time inputting these data; possible errors with inputting; limited capability to do different reports on a spreadsheet.

Common Questions

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about our Appraisal Smart system.

1) Does your system gives us Library reference for some of the common competencies?

YES. We have more than 80 competencies titles in our Library with different behavior for you to choose.

2) My Company runs 2 cycles of performance period, one group on Bi Annual basis and other group on Quarterly Basis, can your system accommodate?

YES, you can have up to 2 performance cycle in our system. You can export the report and combine the 2 group in an Excel to get the cumulative average rating.

3) We have a number of components included into Individual Appraisal such as: KPI, Behaviour Competences (BC) and  Punctuality (only for certain levels). Can your system cater for different KPI, Competencies, Behavioral competencies (BC), Objective, Goals?

YES. You define it in our performance measures.

4) KPI design in the beginning of the year might be changed during the year if required. Can your system accommodate?

YES. We allow managers to change different KPI/Objective etc anytime during the year. We manage a weightage of 100%, thus your performance appraisal will still come back to cumulative average rating for the whole year.

5) Our BC is fixed and different for Assistant Managers and below, Managers and Senior Managers, can your system manage?

YES. Is user definable and you can LOCK the entire template so that everyone will follow and cannot make any changes or you can also LOCK certain measures only and leave some measures to be defined by managers.

6) For Individual Appraisal the structure is the following:Can your system calculate?

  • KPI = 60% (Each KPI has its own weighting based on total 100%)
  • BC = 30%
  • Punctuality = 10%

Total = 100%

YES. We have weightage to each competencies which totals up to 100%.

7) Intranet Option: In case we choose this option, do we still need to  pay for intranet set up if we’ve already have our own server that we use widely?

YES. We have a dedicated team to call you up, guide you how to download and help you to setup the Appraisal System to your internal Intranet. There will be lots of inbound and outbound emails with your IT administrator for the preparation work and setting up the system. It takes about 1 week to setup the entire system in your Intranet. If you choose hosting version, it will be immediately after activated.

8) Additional Users: In case we will need to add the users during the year (before a contract period of one year is over), whether it would be possible and how much it might cost?

YES, you can add additional users anytime during the year. We only charge you on your active users, resigned Inactive users replace with new employees will not be charged. The cost will be the same as your tier user pricing during the year with discount of 50% if it is after 9 months if you request for new licenses and no cost if it is final month of the end performance period.